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 In case you are hearing about EpicWrite for the first time, it is an article writing service that provides the cheapest article writing services to webmasters like small online business owners, online marketers and web developers. The company was established in 2010 with the aim of providing the best and cheapest articles. Rates start at $0.6 for a 100 word article. This price is unbeatable when you compare what most top article writing companies are charging. 

EpicWrite is currently one of the most popular article writing services in the internet right now. I have tried them and to say the truth; I was very impressed. I have used very many article writing services to create content for my site however, nothing beats their price. If you are interested in finding out why they stand out, below is a detailed unbiased review that tells you why the website is popular and one of the best in its niche.


So what are Epic Write’s Strongest Points?

1. Cheap pricing: This is definitely on the main reasons they have managed to succeed in a field when many have failed. As mentioned above, you can get content for your website with just $0.6. There is no other article writing service that can match such a price with the quality they offer. I can attest to that. There are three packages to choose from which are all cheap i.e. basic package ($0.6/100 words, 3 star quality, 7 day delivery), premium package ($0.8/100 words, 4 star quality, 5-7 day delivery) and lastly the professional package ($1/100 words, 5 star quality, 3-5 days delivery). The best article writing services are charging up to 8 times or more for professional content of similar length and quality. 

2. The site is extremely user friendly: This is another reason why EpicWrite has become very popular over the few years the site has been active. The site is extremely easy to use. All tabs are easy to locate and select. I was able to register as a new client in less than a minute. This simply shows you how user friendly the site is. The video guide is also easy to locate and very helpful. It is one of the easiest article writing sites I have ever used. Many customer reviews online can attest to this.

3. Excellent payment options: You can pay for articles you order on EpicWrite via PayPal or Skrill money bookers. These are the two most loved, secure, easy and fast internet payment options available today. You don’t need to submit any personal information when making payments. You couldn't ask for better payment option. The payment reflects immediately allowing you to proceed with your order.


4. The articles you receive are top notch: This is the last most important reason why EpicWrite stands out from the rest. Although there is a popular saying that goes; you get what you pay for, this saying doesn't apply to them. This is according to numerous customer reviews online about the site. There are very many customer reviews attesting that epic write offers very good articles despite the service being cheap. Regardless of the package you choose, you will still get good quality content you can use in your site. It doesn’t get better than that.


dig it!

Halloween Party Ideas for Adults


Halloween Party Ideas for Adults


Halloween is an ancient festival which marked the Celtic New Year when summer ended and the cold dark winter began. During this transition, it was believed that the dead could return to the world of the living to wreak havoc among the people and their crops. To ward off this evil, the Celt’s lit bonfires and wore costumes in an attempt to stop the spirits bringing misfortune into the Celtic New Year.


Hosting a Halloween party gives you the chance to completely transform your home relatively cheaply and quickly, below there is some great ideas on how to put together your own Halloween party from the team at


Dress Code & Decorations


 Fancy dress is perhaps the most anticipated part of Halloween and there are two main options for your party. You can either allow everyone to do as they please or set out a theme for guests to follow. If a theme is opted for, make sure to decorate the venue accordingly.


Some ideas for themes could include;


Spooky- keeping it traditional, make sure everyone turns up in a scary outfit. Expect Ghosts, skeletons, mummies and vampires. Decide if you will be mostly inside, if so which parts of the house (keep rooms out of bounds with spiders webs and spooky signs), or outside, bearing in mind this could be weather dependant, with a gazebo and/or patio heaters being a good idea. Hang cobwebs using string, bandages etc. These can be put anywhere and should be used extensively, by draping them over hooks, doors, handles and anything else that will hold them up. Remember fake spiders and bats to bring the cobwebs to “life”. Try not to use electric lights and opt instead for candles. Make sure to utilise traditional Jack-O-lantern’s to cast some creepy shadows, and bowls of water with a candle in the middle, reduces fire risk and reflects an eerie glow. Outside it may be possible to use a small bonfire, using skeletons and bats nearby to create sinister shadows on a wall or gazebo. Make sure there are plenty of scary decorations dotted about and keep a larger, hair-raising puppet in the cloak room to give your guests an early fright.


Nautical- Some popular ideas would include pirates and sea monsters. Make sure to use pirate flags and a “Dead Man’s Chest” in the decorations along with swords, hooks and parrots.


Zombie- Costumes will call for plenty of face painting, blood and torn clothes. The dominating features of the party could be tombstones and blood. A graveyard scene can be set up much in the same way as a spooky theme. You could use black bin liners to create a dark background and also to cover areas which could be at risk of stains etc. To add to this, use luminescent paint to cover the bin bags sporadically or to create some spooky patterns.


Food, Drink & Games- The main aim, especially on the drink front, is to make sure you have enough. You should search the internet for recipe’s and include the following:


Red wine and Bloody Mary’s are obvious choices, along with red vodka Jelly and punch served in a hollowed out pumpkin.


 It is often easier to keep food simple offering up finger foods such as pizza slices, small sandwiches and sausage rolls. Pumpkin pies are usually an instant hit for the more ambitious chefs.


Games should be started early on to keep the enthusiasm going and end with a prize being awarded to the best dressed guest. Games such as “bobbing for apples” and “mystery box” (guess what’s in the box by feel alone), will help keep the party moving along nicely. Just make sure not to over complicate matters with games that require lots of rules or are too time consuming.




Super popular. Super easy. And SUPER do-able with medium length hair! SWEAR! :) Check it!

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